Wooden Flooring

Why Wooden Flooring

Home ought to be a spot that permits you to unwind, act naturally and appreciate life liberated from stress. At REFLECTIONS, this is the way of thinking that controls the plan of our wood flooring. As far as we might be concerned, the vibe of a story has consistently been as significant as the capacity to withstand regular daily existence.

3 Most Popular Types of Wooden Flooring in India​


This strong lumber flooring is made of genuine wood through and through wood that has been collected from an assortment of trees like oak, pecan, pine.

Solidness: It is incredibly tough and will keep going for quite a long time, if very much kept up. It tends to be resurfaced a few times over its lifetime. While most hardwood comes pre-completed, ie with a top defensive layer, it ought to be avoided dampness

Engineered wood

Designed wood flooring is a facade of genuine wood stuck to a few layers of other wood, similar to compressed wood, under. This gives this wood great security over the long run.

Strength: It is very strong, which is the reason it is a decent decision for any zone of your home. It likewise holds up preferable to dampness over hardwood does.

Laminate wood

Coasting wood or cover wooden floor tiles are made out of an engineered material that invigorates the presence of wood, which is then overlaid.

Toughness: While it's genuinely sturdy, the greatest favorable position of cover wood flooring is that it is easy to introduce.